Discover The Powerful Currency That You Can Now Gamble With, Too

You surely must have heard of the bit coins by now, seeing as they are a completely new exploding trend in terms of currencies. This is a completely different currency that has absolutely nothing to do with banks, and surprisingly, a lot of different vendors and service providers are beginning to accept this as a payment method. If you are a big fan of gambling, you might be thrilled to learn that it is possible for you to gamble with using this currency, although there are only a few casinos that accept bitcoins and allow you to place your bets or fund your account by using them.

It is a much fairer environment

The one thing that is instantly going to attract gamblers who are looking to sign up for a bit coin casino is the fact that there are absolutely no fees associated with either deposits or withdrawals. You still get to play all of your favorite casino games, from slots to blackjack, and some rumors even implied that bitcoin casinos happen to have much better odds when it comes to playing any kind of a game. In order to be able to recognize if a certain online casino happens to be reputable enough for you to invest your bit coins into, you can easily be able to find a bitcoin gaming license. Looking for seal of approval and other types of licenses has become mandatory for a lot of players were looking to start playing in a new casino.

Keep their value in mind

You should remember that a single bit coin is valued at $240 as of today. Some of the casinos are going to allow you to deposit this virtual currency into the accounts funding, and return any of your earned cash prizes in the same form, while others might even offer to transfer your bit coins into a flat currency. Since this is a very valuable resource, be sure to always look at the software a certain casino has. Experienced gamblers already know the lists of major gambling software providers, but you should already know that if you choose to play in a casino, the way to see if it is legitimate is to check if the creators have invested anything into its making.

Take a good look at the casino

The casino platform should be available in three different forms. Most prominently, you should be able to register and then play any of the games you like right from your web browser. There should be a downloadable platform, in form of an application, that will allow you to access all of the games from your desktop, and finally there should also be a mobile application that should bring more convenience by allowing you to take all of your favorite games with you. If the casino of your choice has all of these three options listed for you, it means that the creators really have invested into its development and it wouldn’t be worth it for them to invest a lot into your convenience and accessibility if they were running a scam of any kind.

Craps, The Dice Game Of Luck!

Craps, is one of the simplest games in the “field” of gambling. You do not have to do much, just roll a couple of dice and make bets on the outcome for the round or a series of rounds and bam, the money is yours if your bet works! People often call it as an “easy” game but they fail to realize how hard it is to win a round of Craps, with there being a possibility of 40 different kinds of bets. There are two kinds of craps, the one where the players can play against other players (called as “street craps”) or the other kind where the players play against a casino (called as “table craps”). One may take up to playing Craps informally as the equipment requirement is minimal.


Whenever you go to a casino and spot a lot of noise and buzz, understand that it’s coming from the direction of a craps table as players engaged in the game of Craps do not really mind shouting in excitement saying the much needed “Hurrahs” and “I knew its”! Another reason for such a loud atmosphere around a craps table is that a craps table can accommodate a score of people, yes, and 20 people! Each person is allowed to “Shoot” the dice once or if he/she doesn’t wish to be a shooter, they can make bets on the other throwers. The rules for craps are so strict that each dice is checked properly before being used in the game, to see if it is unhampered. No dice is used for more than 8 hours in a game of Craps. It is just a game, but precaution always helps!


Each table is monitored and overseen by 4 employees, namely the Stickman, The Boxman and two of the dealers. The stickman takes and gives the bets made to the centre of the table and also calls out the roll on the dice. The Boxman is directly across the Stickman and is the only sitting person on the table, as sitting is definitely not encouraged at a craps table. The boxman is the one taking care of the chips at the table and also has the duty to supervise the dealers. The dealer’s job at the ends of the table is to keep collecting and paying bets. Sometimes when one of the 4 is missing, others take care of the missing person’s responsibility.


As we all are aware, nothing comes easy in the world of gambling but again, gambling is all about the risk factor. The most advantageous thing about playing Craps is that compared to other games that you play at the casino, the risk factor is minimal with a House edge of only 1.41%! Makes everyone want to give it a shot.


Reading all of the above may make you think that the game of Craps is too very complicated, but in reality, with only a few lessons, you’ll learn to master the game in no time. There have been some people who have mastered the art of “winning” like current world record holder for the most number of successive rounds of Craps played, Patricia DeMauro, with 154 rolls (including 25 passes)!

Stepping up from Slots

If you love casinos online and off but only play slots and want more excitement, it may be time to step up your game. Baccarat may sound very confusing but honestly this betting game is much easier than any other card game you can play at any casino online or offline.

You may remember seeing James Bond playing Baccarat in movies stepping up and playing this game and then believe the game is only for high rollers or those that are sophisticated and know card games. The truth is there is no knowledge needed at all to play this excellent game but is certainly a bit more exciting than a slot machine.

The idea of online Baccarat is the same as the offline game which is to bet on the largest hand. The game play in its simplest form. The game is played with six decks. Two hands are dealt one named player and the other banker; however, actually this has nothing at all to do with the game. These are just names so you will be able to bet. Those playing the game will bet on the banker, the player, or if they believe it will be a tie.

All numbers are face value except for the face cards which are 0 and the Ace which is 1. The face value of the cards are added up; however, the only number that really counts is the number on the right. So, if you add up the cards and you have 14, the real total is 4.

Understanding the game

If the first two cards total between 0 and 5 another card will be drawn for the player while if the cards total 6 to 9 the player will stand. The bankers draw-ability is a bit different as it goes by the players 3rd card.

If the dealers cards total 1 or 2, the banker will automatically draw no matter what card is drawn for the player. If the bankers cards total 3, the banker will draw a card if the players 3rd card was any card between 1 and 10 except for the number 8 which will cause the banker to stand. If the banker has 4 he will draw if the player draws a card that is not a 1, 8, 9, or 10 at which time he will stand. For a total of 5 the banker will draw another card if the player’s 3rd card is a 4, 5, 6, or 7 and will stand on any other card. For a total of 6, the banker will draw another card if the player’s 3rd card is a 6 or 7 and will stand on any card. If the total for the banker is 7, 8, or 9 the banker will stand.

Of course, you do not really need to know any of this as the dealer will do all the work, all you must do is bet on which hand you believe will win, knowing that the highest number will always be 9.